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Jeff Larson

Verizon Media

Measurable cyber security culture

Everyone has the right to be free from anxiety. Everyone has the right to feel secure.


Security at its core is a feeling. Here’s how we drive behaviour change within the organisation:

1. We identify kill-chain breaking behaviours.

2. We measure those behaviours transparently by coming up with metrics that are rooted in those real-world attacks.

3. We use cyber security awareness to explain “why”.

In order to change behaviours for real, knowledge, contemplation, action, and maintenance should come hand-in-hand, which is what Verizon Media is aiming to develop.

More about Jeff

Jeff Larson is a Senior Security Engineer at Verizon Media’s security team, The Paranoids. As a former journalist and Pulitzer Finalist, he’s passionate about helping users feel safe by providing clear and effective security advice when they need it. Previously, he was a Senior Software Engineer at Turntide Technologies, a Data Journalist and Editor at ProPublica, and Online Director for The Nation Magazine.