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One giant leap for cyber research

Bridging the gap between academia and industry is important. And so is the promotion of scientific understanding in the community. Understanding and applying scientific research can have a significant impact on organisational practices. 

That’s why the IMPACT2020 is about facilitating discussion and collaboration between academia and industry. And it’s about the latest academic research on the human aspect of cyber security. World leading-academic experts will discuss the latest research implications for policy and practice. 

We believe in knowledge transfer between academic research and organisations. If you do too, this conference is the right venue for you.

IMPACT2020 is for anyone who’s keen to understand the social and behavioural aspects of cyber security. Awareness professionals, policy makers and businesses – join us!


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Opening Keynote: ‘Are we really the weakest link?’: The story (so far) of a Cyberpsychology research team embedded within a large-scale organisation to enhance human cyber security strengths and protect against vulnerabilities

Keynote from Prof Phil Morgan, Professor of Human Factors and Cognitive Science at Cardiff University & Technical Lead in Cyber Psychology at Airbus

Leaving the fence: Research on making cyber security decisions

Economic metrics supporting cyber security investment decision-making

Dr Yulia Cherdantseva, Cardiff University, COMSC

Converged security: Building the evidence base

Emma Boakes, University of Portsmouth

Motivating Jenny: Creating a sense of security in development practice

Prof Helen Sharp, The Open University


Acorns to oak trees: Research on changing cyber security behaviours

Comparing the effectiveness of authority, fear, humour and peer influence as behaviour change mechanisms in information security: A pilot experiment

Prof Marco Cinnirella, Royal Holloway, University of London

Save the World (Wide Web) – An emotional inoculation against online harms

Prof Danny Dresner, University of Manchester; Nicholas Ponsillo, University of Chester & Dr Victoria Baines, University of Oxford

Improving cyber threat reporting: Creating a cyber security culture through teamwork

Steven Kemp, University of Girona and Crímina Research Centre for the Study and Prevention of Crime



Keeping secrets: Research on safeguarding intimate personal data


How private is your period?

Laura Shipp, Royal Holloway, University of London

Regulatory and standardization challenges for connected and intelligent medical devices

Jan Sassenberg & Gabriella Ezeani, University College London

Cumulative revelations in personal data

Dr Emma Nicol, University of Strathclyde


Into the unknown: Research on out-of-bounds cyber security issues

Security challenges in UK military AI innovation

Amy Ertan, Royal Holloway, University of London

Understanding online groups: A case study into the Anonymous collective

Keenan Jones, University of Kent


Keynote: Cyber Security Leadership and Teamwork
Keynote from Pete Cooper, Deputy Director, Cyber Defence at Cabinet Office

Keynote Speakers

Prof Phil Morgan

Prof Phil Morgan

Professor of Human Factors and Cognitive Science at Cardiff University & Technical Lead in Cyber Psychology at Airbus

Phil Morgan is the Director of the Human Factors Excellence Research Group at Cardiff University. He is also the technical lead in Cyber Psychology and human factors at Airbus, working on a human-centric cyber security accelerator aimed at accelerating research on human cyber strengths to ensure organisations no longer view employees as the ‘weakest link’. His research has also explored various areas of digital transformation, including intelligent mobility in the area of autonomous vehicles.

Pete Cooper

Pete Cooper

Deputy Director, Cyber Defence at Cabinet Office

Pete is now Deputy Director Cyber Defence in the Cabinet Office, programme lead for the Government Sector of the National Cyber Security Programme and also the new Government Cyber Security Strategy. Previous to this he has worked on everything ranging from developing global cyber security strategies with UN bodies such as ICAO, advising the ICRC on the nature of state vs state cyber conflict to working with the global hacker community through his leadership of the Aerospace Village at DEF CON. A fast jet pilot turned cyber operations advisor, who since leaving the RAF in 2016, founded the UK’s first multi-disciplinary cyber strategy competition, he is passionate about tackling cybersecurity challenges through better collaborations, diversity and innovative multidisciplinary partnerships.

Organising committee


Amy Ertan, Doctoral Researcher in Information Security at Royal Holloway


Ananya Saha, Research Analyst at CybSafe


Dr Emily Collins, Lecturer at Cardiff University


Dr Dawn Branley-Bell, Research Fellow at Northumbria University


Georgia Crossland, Doctoral Researcher in Information Security at Royal Holloway


Dr Jason Nurse, Lecturer in Cyber Security at University of Kent


Dr John Blythe, Head of Behavioural Science at CybSafe


Dr Suzie Dobrontei, Content Development Manager at CybSafe