Impact 2021: Replay

Welcome and Introductions


Oz Alashe MBE



Emma W

Senior Representative (People-centric security), National Cyber Security Centre

Why are people, and couldn’t they just not? Proving the value of empathetic security, in the front lines of NCSC Comms

Changing minds, changing behaviour – Research on security behaviours

George Raywood-Burke

Cardiff University

Human individual difference predictors in cyber-security: modelling cyber secure behaviour using an alternative scale method

Simon Parkin

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

You have left me no choices: security economics to inform behaviour intervention support in organizations

To boldly go where no one has gone before – Research on actors in cyber space

Amel Attatfa

Abertay University

Cyber diplomacy: diplomatic action in international relations on cyber space

Lynne Coventry

Northumbria University

Security is caring: improving cybersecurity culture in healthcare

Winning from home – Research on security behaviour at home

Sarah Turner

The University of Kent

When Googling it doesn’t work: the challenge of finding security advice for smart home devices

Amy Ertan

Royal Holloway (University of London)

Remote working and (in)security?

A problem shared is a problem halved – Research on sharing best practice amongst at-risk communities

Yulia Cherdantseva

Cardiff University

A best practice guide for SMEs on cyber security investment decision-making

James Nicholson

Northumbria University

Spreading cybersecurity best practice in communities


Jeff Larson

Verizon Media

Measurable cyber security culture