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Amel Attatfa

Abertay University

Cyber diplomacy: diplomatic action in international relations on cyber space

“Multi-stakeholders approach would appear to be the only sustainable way for a more secure cyber space.


  • The cyber diplomacy model is developed based on systematic review and built on two main theories: the Actor-Network and Security theories. First theory: to include state and public actors as well as professional and private actors to represent the international community. The second theory is to enforce more peace and security about cyber threats.
  • Thus, the research will have a global impact on different and diverse stakeholders. So, she welcomes interested stakeholders to join her in future research in the cyber diplomacy area.
  • Key takeaway: Both public and private actors are the game-changer of the model compared to previous findings.

More about Amel

Amel Attatfa is currently a PhD Research-Student in Cyber Diplomacy, and a Graduate School Representative for the School of Design and Informatics, Division of Cyber security, Abertay University (UK).

She was educated in France, Paris, with a BA in International Political Science (Hons), a MA in Political Science, specialised in Transnational Politics (Hons), and a MA in Public Law-International Careers.

Her background is interdisciplinary: from international political science through transnational politics, diplomacy, international law (public law) to cyber matters. She masters strong skills in the field of diplomacy, politics, languages and cyber matters.