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Prof Lynne Coventry

Director: cyberQuarter, Abertay University


Wicked problems need wicked solutions

Understanding cybersecurity’s unique complexities for a better future


Professor Lynne Coventry is currently Director of Abertay Universities cyberquarter This £18M cybersecurity research and innovation centre brings organisations and universities closer together to research, share knowledge and create a strong pathway to impact.

Lynne previously led the PactLab at Northumbria University – an HCI group based in the psychology department and was Director of Northumbrias NCSC accredited academic centre of excellence in cybersecurity research.

Previously Lynne worked in industry for NCR within a Design Integrity Research group working with Designers, Technologists and Communicators to ensure that their self service technology was usable, accessible and acceptable to the general public including the security features.

Lynne is an interdisciplinary researcher bringing together different perspectives and methodologies to address global cybersecurity issues. Her background in psychology and computing is an ideal starting place to explore human aspects of cybersecurity.

Presentation overview

Understanding human aspects of cybersecurity is a substantial area of research. Over the years the amount of effort by different disciplines trying to solve this problem has increased, but so have the number of directions being explored. I will give a bit of a historic perspective on the research over the last few decades which shows cybersecurity to be a problem that keeps evolving rather than ever being solved.